The Museum of Bicycles // 2019

Designed by Tori Green

Spatial Design
Exhibition Design
User Experience

In an exploration of spatial design and creating a user experience around a brand, I produced a visual identity system, maps, and elevations of a hypothetical museum that platforms the bicycle. I was attracted to the bicycle as an object because it is one of the most efficient, sustainable, healthy, and fun devices every devised. The Museum of Bicycles, otherwise known as the MOB, illuminates and celebrates the bicycle through interaction, information, and innovation.

In order to create an energetic color palette that reflects the movement involved in bicycling, the MOB’s primary color is yellow, which is accompanied by tones of grey and black to connect with the mechanical quality of bicycles; the black and yellow also visually resembled roadways. The type palette includes Lack and Lack Line because I thought its quirky, contemporary look would match the tone I wanted to evoke in the museum, and I also use the mechanical Eurostile as a secondary typeface.

The map of the MOB includes a digital and physical archive, an exhibit on human health and bicycling, an exhibit on the environment and bicycling, an in-house bicycle fabrication lab, and a bicycling gaming area. My first elevation features the MOB’s Digital Archive, which gives the user the ability to see all of contents of the museum by using holographic technology. My second elevation is of the Bicycling and human health exhibit, which includes a racing simulator that adjusts to different geographical areas and portrays health stats, like the heart rate and speed, of the user. To the left of elevation two is one of the many health simulator stations in the exhibit that tells the user different benefits of cycling on specific areas of the human body. My third elevation shows a segment of the Bicycling and Environmental health exhibit, which features the holographic global bicycling database. The database lets the user navigate through the world and compare environmental health stats to the amount of road cyclists in a specific global region. My last elevation is of my sponsor integration, which is fabrication lab facility sponsored by the 816 Bicycle Collective. 816 is a Kansas City based non-profit organization that refurbishes bicycles with recycled parts. In collaboration with the MOB, 816 can create bicycles in house for museum goers, who design their own bicycles using holographic technology. In conclusion, these elevations, along with the rest of the experiences the MOB has to offer, encourages people to bicycle in order to create a healthier world.

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