Sphere Pop-Up // 2018 

Designed by Tori Green & Z Lisenbee

User Experience
Layout Design
Environmental Design

Why is touch our most underrated sense? When the fellow designer, Z, and I teamed up to make a pop-up experience, this was the question we decided to explore. For instance, touch is one of our most powerful senses, and humans can detect surfaces down to 13 nanometers, yet people often overlook this sense. Due to touch being debased, Z and I produced a brand system for an experience design project composed of two sections that induced the physical sensation of touch through textural sound, haptic, and optic applications.


User Experience Development
When creating the brand for this experience we wanted to make a flexible system that reinforced our concept visually, and after brainstorming, Z and I decided to title our pop-up Sphere: A Textured Experience. We determined that the logo for this project would be the sphere, a shape that resembles eyes and fingertips, but most importantly, mimics the shape of earth, a significant troupe because textures constitute both the built and natural worlds on our planet. The sphere as the primary emblem is especially ruminative since it has numerous application possibilities and can be comprised of a myriad of textures. Due to color eliciting emotion, we concluded to use strictly neutral tones of black, white, and grey to encourage our audience to focus on texture in an unbiased manner. Our type palette consists of Nimbus Sans, a highly legible typeface that expansively textures the world since it is the standard typeface utilized on generic store bags. We cut oculuses into the print ephemera for Sphere: A Textured Experience, allowing the center of the fliers and posters to reveal backdrops of various textures when people interacted with them. The typographic application used within our brand assets showcase words that overlap, making type a texture and addressing the desensitized quality of texture among people. Other promotional materials for Sphere: A Textured Experience include a website and an instagram

Upon designing the brand elements and applications, Sphere: A Textured Experience was realized along with thirteen other pop-up designs produced by my peers in the KCAI graphic design department. The experience itself contained a spherical video with textured objects that exist in the world with accompanying textured sounds. This video was projected onto a tri-fold wall Z and I constructed; on the other side of the structure were textured, plaster cast hands that protruded from the walls. Our audience was encouraged to touch the textured palms, and due to the room being dark, and the fact that the hands were guised with black paint, our users could not see the textures they touched, they could only feel them. At the end of this experience, we asked people to write in chalk on the walls how—or what—they felt, and each participant received a “you’re cured” card for undergoing this textural cleansing experience.

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