Cuckoo Clock Maintenance // 2017

Designed by Tori Green

The goal of this project was to pick a process and visualize that process on a 40” x 60” poster. While trying to decide what process I wanted to render, I knew I wanted to convey a process I knew intimately. After brainstorming, I came to the conclusion to base my poster on cuckoo clock maintenance; my grandfather fixes clocks for a living, and was surrounded by clock pieces and materials growing up. 

The content I wanted to display on this poster included the anatomy of a cuckoo clock and the movement pieces found inside the clock. I also illustrated four primary methods of clock maintenance, which includes general cleaning, broken teeth repair, pivot repair, and oiling. To enliven the dull topic of clock maintenance, I utilized a color palette and visual troupes inspired by the Memphis design movement. In my type palette I use the bold, fun Glypha as a primary typeface and the legible, classic Century Gothic as a secondary.

This project is currently housed at my grandfathers home, in his workshop. I am also currently developing an app that will showcase cuckoo clock maintenance to accompany this poster.

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