Confidential Comics Branding Project // 2018

Designed by Tori Green

Production Design
Layout Design

Confidential Comics is an independent comic book production and distribution company located in Kansas City, Missouri. I was approached by the owners of the business in 2017, who propositioned me to create a visual identity system for their up-and-coming company. Upon accepting the proposal, I began the branding process by conducting a strategy interview to grasp their vision of Confidential Comics. Some of the brand descriptor words I was given during this interview include exciting, bold, classic, vintage, and heavy. I also discovered that the business owners wanted to appeal to an audience drawn to indie comics, not superhero titles, and invoke a sense of Midwest pride from their following since their readers are primarily centralized in the Midwest.

Brand Specifications
Based on the information I received through the strategy interview, I knew I wanted to create a high contrast, impactful palette and emblem for Confidential Comics. I decided the brand colors should be strictly black and white because the neutrality of black and white could be applied to numerous of their titles and the combination implores a striking sensation. I then began to draft a logo, and narrowed down my sketches to three emblems, all of which visually exemplified the language used to delineate Confidential Comics. The owners decided option three, the ouroboros, was the best logo for their business, and after tweaking the mark, I then designed the type palette. I picked Odalisque, a typeface with accentuated thick and thin strokes that mimicked the curvaceous traits of the logo, and Baskerville, a legible, classic typeface. Together, these brand attributes encapsulate the daring, dark tone of the stories told through Confidential Comics.

After this project was completed, I was hired by the owners of Confidential Comics as a brand consultant and production designer. I ended up working on the first publication Confidential Comics created and distributed titled, A Knight in Kansas City, and designed the covers of issue 1 and issue 2 of this series. In the meantime, I have also been producing applications for public sales events and conventions, such as posters, banners, t-shirts, and so forth.

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