Activate // 2018

Designed by Tori Green & Z Lisenbee

User Experience
Product Design
Package Design
Layout Design
App Design

Activate is a product designed to encourage people who experience chronic pain to become more physically active. To hone in our particular interventions, Z and I began by extensively researching chronic pain to better understand the context of the issue, and along the way we took into consideration the different sub-sects of chronic pain and a myriad of other factors that contribute to inactivity aside from physical pain. We also interviewed people who suffer from chronic pain to receive first-hand accounts from our audience. Z and I proceeded to visually convey the feedback we received from our research and interviews by creating maps of the pain points in the daily routine of someone with chronic pain. When making the visual data instillation, we took into consideration people with chronic pain who are both employed and unemployed, and the impact on mental health onset by inactivity.  

User Experience Development
Based on the feedback Z and I received, we decided the optimal solution to combat inactivity onset by chronic pain would be to create a series of inventions that incorporated yoga. Yoga is a low-impact, but beneficial, form of exercise that can be performed in many environments and requires little to no equipment, making it accessible to a wide range of people. Z and I, when designing these touch-points, also aimed to incorporate cooking due to diet being linked to activity mentally and physically, resulting in the creation of Activate. The components of Activate include a mobile app that allows the user to measure their own daily mental and physical pain, and the data collected is used to recommend healthy culinary recipes to alleviate the specific pain type. The app also connects to the Active Cookbook, a publication filled with healthy, pain-relieving recipes with accompanying yoga exercise instructions that complement the dish being prepared. In the Activate package, we have included fundamental cooking tools that help people with disabilities to cook.


Overall, we hope that these touch-points help people to become healthier, more active, individuals. Currently, Z and I are in the process of getting a patent to publish the Active Cookbook. 

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