18th & Vine District Revitalization Project // 2018

Designed by Single Wing Creative Studio

Layout Design
Web Design

Through my internship with Single Wing Creative Studio, I participated in the 18th and Vine Revitalization Project, a rebrand and strategy project for the Kansas City historic jazz district. Initially, I researched and compiled case studies of other historic community centers in the world in order to better understand the most impactful approach to creating a brand for the 18th and Vine district. We also analyzed the culture of 18th and Vine by receiving first-hand information from residents and documenting the area. From there, we developed a brand identity that reflected the spunk, fun, and philosophy of the 18th and Vine community.  

Brand Specifications
The new 18th and Vine logo has a rustic, mid-west design style that contrasts with the vibrant colors of the type and color palettes. The warm black and rich red are the primary brand colors, and these hues were pulled from elements in the 18th and Vine area, such as the Gem Theater. The secondary color palette is a vibrant trio of complimentary tones that were inspired by the neon lights that shine at night in the 8th and Vine district. The typography palette consists of Belizio, a legible serif that is particularly readable due to its bold strokes, and Montserrat, an efficient, humanist sans-serif. After the brand was fully developed, I was tasked with designing icons to be applied to different assets, including the website, billboards, posters, and so forth. I illustrated icons of elements I observed within the 18th and Vine area that reflected the vivacious atmosphere of the environment. I also produced infographics for the marketing plan that accompanied the 18th and Vine brand package. Lastly, I was entrusted with producing social media posts and product mock-ups of the 18th and Vine brand.

The final step in the 18th and Vine Revitalization Project was creating promotional materials for the first organized 18th and Vine First Friday event; First Friday is a community celebration that occurs the first Friday of every month. I was given the opportunity to typeset and design the fliers for this event and create social media content for the 18th and Vine Instagram and Facebook. In all, this project was particularly fulfilling due to its human centered design process; it involved direct community engagement in order to visually interpret a cultural, historic district.

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